15 Creative Virtual Assistant Services Every Blogger Needs

Virtual Assistant Services for Bloggers

Bloggers have a lot on their plates and are often very skilled in sharing their valuable knowledge with their audience more than all the other necessary tasks that are involved in creating a blog that sets them apart in their niche.

Here are just a handful of ways a creative virtual assistant can help a blogger succeed.

Blog Content Creation

Bloggers may have ideas for topics they want to cover on their blog but just not enough time to research, write and create them.¬†VA’s with expertise in these topics or who are skilled in research can do this for them.

Content Editing

How many blog articles have you read with grammatical, spelling and formatting errors? Hiring a VA to ensure a blogger’s content reads well is a top priority for bloggers who want to appear professional.

SEO Optimisation

Part of creating valuable content is getting that content seen by the people it was created for. Good SEO is key and a VA who is skilled at SEO optimisation is a valuable asset to have.

Keyword Research

Researching the perfect keyword or key phrase to set a blogger’s content apart can be time consuming and at times confusing. Creative VA’s know how to find the best keywords and phrases for a blogger’s specific niche.

Pinterest Pin Design

Pinterest is an amazing visual search engine and bloggers are beginning to see how it can explode their traffic. A creative VA can design eye catching pins that attract the blogger’s target audience.

Pinterest Pin Scheduling

In order for a blogger to be seen as an expert in their niche, strategic pinning schedules need to be put in place that mix in their own content with other, similar, valuable content so as not to be penalised by Pinterest. A Pinterest account manager is the perfect tool to hire to harness the power of Pinterest.

Making Sense of Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells a blogger a lot about how their blog is performing, their most popular content and who is reading it. VA’s can analyse and summarise this valuable information so that the blogger can continue to create content in the right direction.


Writing valuable content can often mean spending time researching the niche topic at hand. If a blogger doesn’t have time to do this, yup, a VA can!

Email Newsletter Creation

Having an email subscription option in place on a blog is essential. Creating a newsletter, it’s sign up templates and mail-out templates can take time and effort. Creative VA’s are skilled in putting it all together and integrating it on the blogger’s website.

Email Series Creation

Having an email series go out to a blogger’s subscribers automatically can get their subscribers used to their style, creating rapport and trust and laying the groundwork for any future product or services sales.

Email Opt-in Gift Creation

Every mailing list should come with a free gift for subscribing. This is usually a helpful pdf or video series or ebook that the subscriber receives when subscribing. Creating this incentive means much more subscribers.

Social Media Management

With so many social media channels to take part in these days it can get overwhelming, especially as each channel has it’s own unique process. From sharing content at the correct time for each platform, formatting each piece for the specific platform and scheduling¬†other similar content to engaging with their audience via comments and shares, this is a full time job all on it’s own!


Having your podcasts or Youtube videos transcribed for those who are hard of hearing or having a different home language, transcription can set a blogger or content creator apart from the rest.

Video Editing

Not everyone can do all the things and video editing is often a skill most bloggers don’t have or have the time to master. Creative VA’s can turn a bloggers videos into one’s to watch again and again.

Website Updates

The backend of a blog can be super boring to someone who enjoys creating content. Leave it up to a tech-skilled virtual assistant to take care of.