Case Studies

Business Strategy Consultation and On-going Management

Business: Handmade Mermaid Jewellery

Business goals

  • create a website
  • blog about mermaid lifestyle
  • get on social media
  • create a newsletter subscription
  • sell her handmaid jewellery
  • long term: create a collaborative website with other local artisans

Client’s needs

  • not sure how to create website, who to host it with, how to design it
  • not sure best social media platform to use for her business or how to use it
  • not sure what to do with an customer email list

Outcome of strategy session

  • decided on where to host her website, we chose Squarespace as it is easy to manage for someone who isn’t tech-minded but would like to update her site on her own
  • decided on domain names, we bought both the .com and the URL’s as she is a UK based business that sells internationally. I advised that it is also a good idea to buy the domain name with the American spelling of jewellery, this way she owns her brand name and no one can buy those domains and hi-jack her business
  • advised her on the best social media platforms to focus on for her specific business, Instagram and Pinterest, explained to her why, (they are visual platforms ideal for handmade jewellery) and gave her a run down on the best ways to leverage them for her business
  • gave her resources to manage and schedule her social media content, best practices, and brainstormed some relevant hashtags for her target audience
  • we brainstormed at least 5 blog post ideas and topics and decided on scheduling a new blog post every Saturday when we agreed her target audience would be most likely to read them
  • advised on where to find free stock photos for her blog post and on copyright law, as well as what is tax deductible
  • advised her on search engine optimisation and preferred blog length and formatting
  • explained how Pinterest works, how to set up her account, upgrade it to a business account, what boards to create and how to automate content scheduling to target her ideal audience
  • we picked a bright, bold and eye-catching profile picture to use across all of her social media accounts
  • we signed up to Pinterest and Instagram with the same username she already has for her Facebook page which also matches her new domain name
  • advised her on how to use Youtube to bring in targeted traffic and that her ideal market will be found on Youtube
  • we discussed free opt-in gifts for people signing up to her newsletter list, both in the short term and in the long term, such as a helpful PDF, discount on her jewellery and a video series
  • gave her a blog resource that specialises in handmade craft businesses as she also sells at festivals and fairs

My business management assistant tasks

  • set up her Instagram and Pinterest business account and populate with content as well as research optimum hashtags and search terms
  • edit and format her blog content
  • schedule her content to her social media
  • design her website on Squarespace
  • set up her newsletter mailing list, which includes integrating it with her new website and designing her newsletter template


My client was absolutely thrilled once we had hashed out exactly what she wants for her business and exactly how to make it all happen. When we started the consultation she expressed that she felt overwhelmed as she had no idea where to start, by the end she felt relieved and inspired as a result of pinning down her immediate action steps with the knowledge of how to go about it.

Given that I am also assisting her in the set-up tasks, she feels the business will be a success, and so do I. I am happy to train her and provide resources for her so she can eventually self-manage her business. She is also able to consult with me later on if she has any other questions.

Break down of fees for strategy session and management assistance

3hr strategy session: £500, including a free resources .pdf, worksheets and training guidelines

Business management assistance to get business up and running: £400 (based on predicted time it will take to complete all tasks billed at my hourly rate of £26).

Additional pick-my-brain consultations: £45 an hour

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