Surf Siren Jewellery Online Business Development Part 1

After our initial 3hr business strategy session, my client and I defined the top three actions steps we needed to get her business online past her Etsy store.

  1. Create a website including a blog
  2. Create Instagram and Pinterest accounts
  3. Create newsletter subscription list


As her business is focused on the mermaid scene and she makes jewellery out of sea glass and crystals, I focused on creating boards on Pinterest for everything mermaid. In total I created 27 boards covering a wide range of topics relating to mermaid interests from hair and beauty to fashion, home decor and even DIY. I pinned over 500 pins across all of the boards, followed 80 people and a number of mermaid specific boards.

I made sure to write descriptions for each board to help them be found in the search when someone searches anything to do with mermaids.

I also created a board specific to my client’s jewellery so people could see it all in one place, while sharing some of her pieces to various other relevant boards.

Every pin of her jewellery had clear descriptions so that they too would be easily found when someone searches for mermaid jewellery.

I also updated her account to a business account so that we can leverage those extra perks once her website and blog is up.

While developing her Pinterest account, I jotted down a number of blog post ideas inspired by what I was pinning.

You can see her Pinterest account here.

Surf Siren Jewellery Pinterest Account


For my client’s Instagram account, the first thing I did was some research on her target market and their interests. I took a look at the hashtags both her competitors and her clients were using and created a specific list of hashtags for her to use on all her posts. I saved this to a document so she can copy and paste it each time she posts to Instagram in the future. Having a smart phone with a Notes app means she has easy access to her hashtag list any time she wants to post to Instagram.

If you look at an Instagram account online, you are always shown the first 12 pictures. On a phone you can see without scrolling the first 6, so I aimed to post at least 12 photos to get her account started.

I suggested that we alternate her product images with “lifestyle” images relating to her product so that profile really captures the attention and emotion of her target audience. People interested in the mermaid lifestyle are obviously also interested in the ocean, coastal living, tropical plants and sea life.

I search creative commons free stock photo websites for some beautiful images falling into these categories and populated her account with them.

I then set her up with a Buffer account so that we can schedule posts to go on Instagram 3 times a day. I scheduled 3 posts per day for the next two days.

I made sure to follow many accounts in the mermaid lifestyle as well as local relevant businesses and people as we live in a coastal town.

You can see her Instagram account here. 

Surf Siren Jewellery Instagram Account
Both of these projects took me a total of 4.5 hours to complete.

I used a website called Toggl to monitor the time spent on each project as well as creating a project on Asana and inviting my client to it so that she could see the breakdown of tasks and how far I have gotten.

She made her product images available to me via Dropbox.

Next up, creating her website and blog via SquareSpace and creating her newsletter mailing list and template with MailChimp which includes integrating a sign up widget on her website so visitors can subscribe.

Stay tuned for the next detailed breakdown of how I accomplished these projects.