‘Amazing and invaluable advice- Lisa is at the cutting edge in her field!’

Back in October 2015 I took the leap of faith a growing number of people are taking, and left the rat race in favor of starting my own business. I have always been creative, and with a background in sales
and head full of ideas I rather ambitiously figured “how hard can it be?”.

The reality:

After a couple of not so successful ideas, I launched my ‘baby’ Surf Siren Jewellery- a brand using natural materials, sea glass, and designed incorporating the healing power of natural crystals.

I created Etsy, Facebook and Twitter accounts, joined groups, and harassed my friends in a like an share bonanza. Within a couple of weeks things were looking great! I had 250 likes and lots of followers. My posts were reaching 100’s of people and generating Etsy sales- But then it happened, everything went quiet!

The initial buzz had died away, and my lack of knowledge on how to access my online target market was becoming blindingly obvious. This was November, so being prime Christmas retail time and desperate to tap into the market, I fell into a common trap. I opted to pay Etsy and google to promote my items in their listings. Although this did generate income and certainly helped over the busy Christmas period, it was clearly not a sustainable business model going forward.

The more I researched into social media, the more overwhelmed I became. What were the best platforms? How do I build a website? What is hosting? And how could I manage all of this whilst still leaving me time to be a mum and even make my products?

I needed help.

Looking for help, I contacted Creative Business Consulting and have been blown away by the level of service- Lisa has been absolutely amazing!

Our initial 3 hour consultation was inspiring and insightful, taking my overwhelming jumble of potential ideas and refining them into a sleek, achievable strategy.

Her vast knowledge of the industry is immediately evident, from the workings of all the social media platforms and web programs, down to finer details such as the most effective images to use as profile pictures.

She talked me through website design, hosting, keywords and generating web traffic. She shared some of the most important tips she has gleamed from her vast experience as a professional blogger, and offered all kinds of support to get me started on my own lifestyle blog.

She also showed me how to massively reduce time spent at my desk by automating and pre-scheduelling posts. She explained how by using the newest programs and apps, combined with analytics, I can work much more effectively- this alone is well worth the consultation fee!

Lisa has really helped me to envision my long-term goals, and her passion and creative flare have turned these into something that not only feels achievable but tangible. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she has filled me with confidence and excitement moving forward- a million miles away from the semi-technophobe I had previously been!

A truly invaluable resource for any business- 10/10!

Jenn Faulks, Surf Siren Jewellery Surf Siren Jewellery