What Is A Creative Virtual Assistant?

What Is A Creative Virtual Assistant

A Creative Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant that helps online business entrepreneurs in creating their online presence.

This includes web design, social media management, Pinterest account management, email marketing management, graphic design, opt-in pdf design, email template design, SEO optimisation of blog posts and web copy, copy editing and proofreading and more.

Instead of managing the administrative side of your business, a creative virtual assistant manages your inbound and outbound marketing systems and processes, ensuring that they fit in with your business goals and aesthetic, attracting the right audience and engaging that audience with your unique brand.

It is so important to have a great looking and easy to use website that captures email addresses to market to and provides value to the right audience for your business.

A creative virtual assistant is skilled at the tech side of things which many online entrepreneurs may lack the time or the know how to handle.

Imagine having your website, social media accounts, content, branding and email capture system all set up and running within two weeks – yes, this is totally possible!

Imagine the time and headspace this kind of service would provide you. You wouldn’t have to waste time figuring out how to install WordPress, where to find the right template for your brand, which essential plugins your site will need and how to set them up and activate them. You wouldn’t have to figure out how Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest work, you will just know that they’re attracting your target audience because you have someone who knows them inside and out handling that all for you.

An added bonus of hiring a creative virtual assistant that specialises in utilising Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to your new website is that you won’t have to wait months for your business to gain traction. As long as you are producing valuable and helpful content for your audience, a creative virtual assistant can ensure that your content finds the audience that will love your brand.

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