Lisa Walton Creative Virtual AssistantHello and welcome to SelfMadeDame.com.

I’m Lisa your tech-savvy online marketing consultant and secret weapon.

I’m here to help you get your creative business set up online, social media handled and content created-with everything as automated as possible-giving you back the freedom to be the badass creative you are.

As a Creative Business Consultant my focus is on helping you get clear on your online business goals, define the essential action steps to make that happen and create a strategy to get it all done with as little fuss as possible AND within your budget.

I work with creative female entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to set up their business online (but don’t know where to start), leverage social media to target their ideal audience (and have no clue how to do this), create compelling content that sells (that is optimised for search engines) and automate it wherever possible (saving you a lot of time).

Not only can I work with you to create a business strategy during an in-depth consultation, I can also take on some of the business development tasks involved, or train you on how to do them yourself, as I know many solopreneurs like to be hands-on in their business but don’t know where to start.

Services Overview and How I Work


  • Creative Business Online Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Ongoing Online Creative Business Management
  • Pinterest Account Management
  • Ad-hoc Tech Services

Find out the details


With regards to online business management services, this is my work process:-

  • Consultation: this includes a brief set of questions used to find out what you need and how we can most efficiently achieve results
  • Agreement: I will send you a contract covering our terms of service agreed at consultation and await receipt of a digitally signed copy
  • Payment: I will invoice you to receive payment via the means set out in our contract
  • Work: I will complete the tasks set out for me in the consultation in the agreed upon time frame to meet your deadlines
  • Finalise: Once the agreed work has been completed, we will agree that the contract has been met and that my time assisting you has finished
  • Follow Up: After a short period of time, I will get in touch to see how everything is going and to ensure you are happy with the quality of my work

For online marketing strategy consultations, the work process is slightly different:-

  • Free 30min consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together and if so, to book our 3hr strategy session
  • I will invoice you for the session and include my terms and conditions
  • Strategy session takes place via Skype if payment has been received
  • Follow up email summarising the contents of our session with resources documents and worksheets attached and a request for a testimonial with permission to be shared on my website, which will include a link to your business if you so wish

‘Amazing and invaluable advice- Lisa is at the cutting edge in her field!’ – Jenn Faulks

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how I can help you