Lisa Walton Creative Virtual AssistantHello and welcome to Creative Virtual Assistant. I’m Lisa your tech-savvy secret weapon and I’m here to help you get your solopreneur business or blog set up online and running smoothly.

I’m also here to ensure your site attracts, grows and engages your target audience.


You have…

  • started a new blog or website and don’t know where to go from step 1
  • had a site for a while but are not sure how to improve it
  • been struggling with the set up of your blog or website and are ready to throw in the towel or pull out your hair!
  • simply don’t have the time to figure out how to do all the tech stuff properly

You want…

  • a site that works
  • a site that attracts the people you want
  • a site that gets people interacting and taking action
  • a site that people want to keep returning to

Creative VA

As a Creative Virtual Assistant my focus is on website and content creation and Pinterest account management.

I assist creative female entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to improve the look of their site or content and drive more traffic to their site resulting in attracting and engaging their target audience.

I can assist you by launching your website or simply improving the look of your website, managing your social media and online marketing, designing and managing your email marketing and effectively utilising the powerhouse that is Pinterest, resulting in more time for you to focus on the stuff you’re really good at.

Creative Virtual Assistant Services


  • Pinterest account management
  • Email list set up and management
  • Content editing and proofreading
  • Blog or website review
  • SEO audit
  • Simple 4-5 page website creation with self-hosted WordPress or Squarespace
  • Graphics creation (blog header, Facebook cover page, Pinterest Graphic, etc.)

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